Industrial Internet of Things Solutions

Industrial Internet of Things Solutions

As the Internet of Things (IoT) expands, businesses find themselves faced with the challenge of integrating a multitude of devices and protocols, many with varying power and connectivity requirements. This mix may also include legacy technologies. Iot Gateways are emerging as an essential component in building a robust IoT and for delivering computational power in edge computing scenarios.

A Typical IoT GATEWAY Network Architecture


Industlabs IoT Gateway is called CASI a solution for enabling IoT communication, usually device-to-device communications or device-to cloud communications. The CASI gateway is a hardware device housing application software that performs essential tasks. At its most basic level, the CASI gateway facilitates the connection between different data sources and destinations.

Product Offering

I. CASI Din Rail Panel Mounted IoT Gateways

The CASI-1000 comes packaged in an industrial-grade chassis with mounting options for a variety of environments. Via its SBC edge-connect architecture, the CASI-1000 can easily be extended to larger custom systems with added I/O and functionality. This makes possible a fixed processor/software combination across similar products with varying I/O needs.

2. CASI Touchscreen Panel IoT Gateways

The CASI next generation 7-24″ HMI Touch Panel Series is engineered to meet the increasingly complex processes, demanding visualization and control tasks of machines and automation systems while simplifying operation and programming.

3. CASI HMI SCADA Web Products

With CASI Web HMI, you can create user interfaces to display and interact with real-time server data, enabling a whole range of applications on any device with a web browser. Easily Create Cross-Platform Browser Based HMIs Build live user interfaces for desktop and mobile clients on Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Android, iOS, or any other platform with a modern web browser. With VMS Web HMI, you can create user interfaces to display and interact with real-time server data, enabling a whole range of applications on any device with a web browser. By utilizing standard, platform-agnostic technologies such as HTML5, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, and JSON, web developers can quickly create new HTML5 SCADA interfaces or integrate Web HMI functionality into existing web applications with minimal effort.

4. Harness your Data with CASI Data Automation Products

Data is delivered right from the source with queuing and store and forward features enabling reliable movement of data from anywhere to anywhere. IoT Data Logging with CASI IoT Data Logging products you can log data in an open format to SQL Server, Oracle, Access, MySQL, Azure SQL and CSV files based on an event, continuously, time of day, or on data change in both wide and narrow table formats. Log data from almost any local or remote industrial data source without exposing your database.

5. CASI IoT Data Connectors

The IoT Data Connector allows you to connect data sources and applications to the Microsoft Azure IoT and Amazon IoT platforms. If you want to move data from your local or remote data sources to (or from) an IoT infrastructure this is the product. It doesn’t matter what the data source – you can move it to MQTT Brokers, Azure IoT Hubs or AWS IoT devices.

6. CASI IoT Reports

The CASI Report product provides the Report Designer for easily creating reports from data logged with OAS Data Log or OAS Alarm .NET or other database information.


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