Case Study: Semiconductor Application

Customer Profile:

The customer is a semiconductor manufacturer and designer of thermoelectric modules and systems, based in Texas. Product focus in thermoelectric heating, cooling, power generation and energy harvesting serving the Aerospace & Defense, Medical, Commercial & Industrial, Automotive, and Telecommunications market segments.


The manufacturing of the thermoelectric modules at the Texas facility was out of date and needed to be modernized with existing automated and thermal technology. The customer fleet of industrial ovens required precise temperature controls and precise motion controls for the production of the thermoelectric modules. The customer needs to upgrade the industrial controls of the thermoelectric modules to control four stages of temperature control, (Melting, Alloying Stage 1, Alloying Stage 2, & Growing) with a temperature range of 0 to 1500 Celsius and within +/- 0.01 of a degree of temperature variability from set point and a motion system to regulate +/- 0.001 of an inch of displacement variability from set point.


IndustLabs developed engineering and installed a thermal system for the production of the thermoelectric module semiconductor material to control temperature and the motion via a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Servo Motion System, a process controller for precise temperature control, a Human-Machine Interface (HMI), and a Battery BackUp System (BBS). IndustLabs drafted custom software for the production of the thermoelectric systems that was able to remotely monitor all eight industrial ovens and extracted all 1000 system variables to a Microsoft SQL database for further analysis by the customer research team.


  1. The temperature control system IndustLabs developed can control temperature set point within +/- 0.01 of a degree of temperature variability from the set point.
  2. Our motion control system can control the motion displacement set point within +/- 0.001 of an inch of motion displacement from the set point.
  3. The IndustLabs team developed a custom Human-Machine Interface program that allowed the operator to create 100 unique profiles or “recipes” of the customer thermoelectric products.
  4. Our custom software allowed for remote monitoring and control of the thermoelectric system
  5. We also developed software that automatically collects 1000 different system variables every 1 second and batches them to a Microsoft SQL database.

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